Great River Health Systems works with employers to identify and address employee health risks before they lead to costly health care claims. Because every employer’s needs, culture and strategies are different, we work with you to customize your wellness program. Creating a culture of awareness includes providing prevention, screening and education services, developing an incentive structure and reporting results.

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Wellness Web Portal

A wellness web portal provides a health-management system for employees and employers. Employees have access to a variety of interactive tools to help them learn about their health risks and achieve healthier lifestyles. 
Content written at a sixth-grade reading level is available in English and Spanish. It can be accessed through mobile telephone, tablet, laptop and desktop applications. Fitbit, Jawbone and other wearable activity devices interface with the wellness web portal.

Portal tools

Portal tools for employees include:
  • Decision-support tools (condition-specific information, drug guide, medical encyclopedia)
  • Goal setting
  • Health trackers and calculators
  • Health-risk assessment
  • Online coaching
  • Personalized dashboard
  • Symptom checker
  • Tobacco-cessation information
Employers use the portal to:
  • Create and link incentives to task completion and health outcomes
  • Monitor program participation
  • Produce on-demand reports
  • Provide online employee scheduling for health screenings
  • Send announcements and newsletters

Online challenges

Lifestyle-focused team and individual online challenges to reduce modifiable risk factors are available. Most are four to eight weeks long. Participants receive incentive points for completion of tasks. Competitions may be held between departments, and message boards can be used for social chatter. Many challenges are available, and companies can design unique wellness challenges.

Group aggregate summary

A comprehensive biometrics and lifestyle analysis of the workforce includes:
  • Aggregate report for employers and key decision makers
  • Cohort report – Organizational evaluation of results, compares year to year, analyzes entire population and only employees who participate in your wellness program
  • Participation reports for employees

Wellness for Small Business

Small business have the same need for healthy, productive employees as large businesses. We believe employers profit from having engaged, happy employees who can participate in high-value wellness programs. Our turnkey wellness solution is easy to administer. For one low monthly price for your organization, you can have an engaging wellness solution:
  • Dedicated wellness portal for your employees
  • Individual health-risk assessments, wellness goals, health scores and trackers
  • Integrated with leading fitness devices and apps
  • Participant webinars on well-being topics
  • Points-based incentive system
  • Three programs and two social challenges every year

On-site Wellness Screenings

A wellness screening assesses general health, and lifestyle and disease risks. Screening results are available immediately, and employees receive information about decreasing risks and improving their health based on the results. Telephone interpretation in more than 20 languages is available. 
Individual wellness screening and questionnaire results are confidential, and employees are assured of HIPAA compliance. Employers with at least 25 participants receive a group aggregate summary report.

The Elements system

The Elements SYSTEM is non-web-based employee wellness program that includes awareness campaigns, 30-minute educational sessions and 30-day health-improvement challenges. Employers choose four topics each in awareness, education and challenge categories for 12-month programs, or three for nine-month programs.

A la Carte Services

Health education seminars

Great River Health Systems professionals will present 30-, 45- or 60-minute programs at your location.  Topics are disease prevention and management, exercise, lifestyle, and nutrition.

Intensive Programs

Intensive programs target specific health problems that may be prevalent among employees.
Blood Pressure
An intensive 12-week program teaches participants about triggers and risk factors for hypertension (high blood pressure), and lifestyle changes they can make, including:
  • DASH Diet: Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension
  • Exercise
  • Sleep habits
  • Stress management
Breathe Better
Tobacco addiction; offered through Wellness Web Portal at no additional cost
Breathe Better leads participants through three steps:
  • Getting ready
  • Creating a quit plan – The most-important part of this step is setting a quit date and preparing surroundings to help quitting efforts.
  • Living smoke-free – Addresses how to handle triggers and urges to smoke that come up for most people during and shortly after quitting.
Other support resources are provided.
Freedom from Smoking
Nicotine addiction
Based on proven addiction and behavior-change models, this American Lung Association program helps smokers gain control over their behavior, work on breaking the addiction cycle and eliminate barriers to quitting. Certified counselors lead small-group sessions. Participants are six times more likely to be smoke-free one year after the program than those who quit on their own.
Operation Transformation
Metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes, weight loss
Great River Health Systems’ exclusive six-month weight-loss and weight-management program focuses on changing behaviors for long-term success. It addresses metabolic syndrome, a group of risk factors that occur together and increase the risk for coronary artery disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. Most services are performed at Great River Healthy Living Clinic in Great River Family Practice Clinic. On-site education sessions may be available.  
Operation Transformation components:
  • Before and after body composition and circumference measurements
  • Medical assessments with the program director
  • Nutrition and exercise guidance to adapt healthy changes while following a Mediterranean-style diet
  • Six-month all-inclusive membership to Great River Health Fitness
  • Weekly education sessions
  • Weekly weigh-ins with a healthy living specialist