Frequently asked questions
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How can I make a payment?
Forms of payment accepted include cash, check, electronic check, cashier’s check, money order, or a Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover credit card.

Payment options:

  • Click here to pay your bill online through our secure website using your debit or credit card or using your checking account via electronic transfer.
  • Send your payment in the mail to the address on your billing statement.
  • Pay your bill at Great River Medical Center.
  • Make a payment over the telephone.

Why did I receive a bill if I have insurance coverage?
You will receive a bill after your insurance processes our bill. The amount you are billed for is based on what your insurance communicates to us on an Explanation of Benefits (EOB). Your insurance also mails you an EOB, which details how your insurance processed our bill and calculated your responsibility based on your insurance plan. If you believe your responsibility is not correct, please contact your insurance carrier directly (check your insurance card or EOB for the phone number).  

I am unable to pay my bill in full. What should I do?
Great River Medical Center offers many payment options, including monthly payment installments. Please call one of our helpful financial counselors to discuss your bill and payment options. To ignore the bill or send in less than full payment without contacting us may cause your bill to progress through collections process, including transfer to a collection agency where it may appear on your credit report.

I have a question regarding self-administered drugs and my Medicare Part D coverage with my bill.
Medicare regulations require hospitals to bill patients for drugs that patients are able to take by themselves at home even when they are hospitalized. Even though the medications are provided by the hospital (for safety reasons), Medicare does not pay for the same ones that you take at home. Items that fall into this category could include lozenges, pills and self-injections of insulin. Unfortunately, this is a Medicare cost-savings policy that we are required to follow.

You may be able to submit a claim to Medicare Part D for a refund.  You can contact our Credit Services department at (319)768-3625 or 877-404-4763 for an itemized bill if these charges are covered.  For more information regarding self-administered drugs please visit or call Medicare at (800)633-4227.

If Medicare denies the charge because it is subject to the self-administered drug exclusion, you may appeal the denial. If you have Medicare Part D coverage, you may wish to determine whether it covers such charges.

I still have a question/concern about my bill.
If you have a question or concern about your bill or payment options, please call Patient Financial Services at 319-768-3625 or 877-404-4763 or you can email us and we will be happy to assist you.

How can I get financial assistance?
Financial assistance is available to patients who qualify. To see if you qualify, please call us at (877) 404-4763.

Click for more information about the financial assistance program.



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