Great River Health System-Family Medicine, Mercy Plaza provides comprehensive acute, chronic and preventive medical care for people of all ages.

Scope of care

  • Acute illness
  • Chronic illness and disease management
  • Health-risk assessments
  • Immunizations and screening tests
  • Newborns
  • Nursing home
  • Routine checkups
  • Surgery evaluations
  • Wellness and healthy lifestyle counseling
  • Women's health


Michael AbouAssaly, M.D. Raj Bhui, M.D. Abby Cling, PA-C  
Lisa Lake, D.N.P. John Thurman, D.O.  Breanne Vogel, ARNP  



  • When you make an appointment, briefly tell the receptionist why you wish to be seen so we can schedule the appropriate amount of time for your visit. 
  • For acute illnesses and injuries, we can help you determine if your problem can best be cared for in the clinic or if it requires treatment in the Emergency Department.
  • Before coming to the clinic for laboratory work, a blood pressure check, allergy shot or other services, please let us know when you'll be coming so we can have your chart ready and minimize your wait.
  • If your provider recommends a follow-up appointment, please try to schedule the appointment before leaving the office. Our receptionists make every effort to arrange convenient appointments with your family's health care provider. If your provider is not available at the preferred time, you may choose to schedule an appointment with another available provider if you would like.
  • If you must cancel an appointment, please give us a 24-hour notice so we may use that time for someone else.

After-hours care

Our telephone is answered 24 hours a day for your family's urgent medical needs. If you need to reach a provider after office hours, call our office, and the answering service will contact the on-call physician. We appreciate your consideration in avoiding unnecessary after-hours calls for routine matters that can be handled during clinic hours when your provider and complete medical history are available.

Prescription refills

We handle calls for routine prescription refills during office hours. Please keep track of your medicine supplies so you can notify us a few days before running out. When you call, provide:
  • The name of your medicine
  • The dosage
  • How often you take it
  • The name of your pharmacy

If your provider has prescribed medicine for a designated amount of time, you may need to make an appointment to ensure the medicine is working properly, without side effects or complications.

Payment policy

We expect payment at the time you receive services. After your visit, the cashier will request payment unless you have made arrangements in advance. We understand medical expenses usually are unplanned and sometimes difficult to budget. Please ask us if you need help with your bill.


Medical insurance and preauthorization

We file insurance claims to Medicare, Wellmark (Blue Shield of Iowa), Iowa Medicaid and other commercial insurance plans. Some health plans require prior authorization before paying for specific procedures, tests or hospitalization. With the exception of Medicare, Wellmark Alliance Select and Iowa Medicaid, it usually is your responsibility to obtain authorization before you receive services. Your health plan card or benefit guide should provide preauthorization requirements and a telephone number for preauthorization information. 

If you are scheduled for hospital-based services other than routine laboratory tests, we urge you to check your health plan's coverage and benefits. We will help you if we can, but payment of charges because of failure to obtain authorization is your responsibility.

Although we strive to be familiar with common insurance plans in our service area, coverage changes often occur without notice. If in doubt, please confirm your coverage and obtain preauthorization before your scheduled procedure or hospitalization.