Hearing loss is a medical problem, which is why you should be examined by a health-care professional. A hearing aid is not always the answer. Hearing loss can be caused by ear infections, genetic conditions, illness, injury or prolonged exposure to noise. Audiologists specialize in identifying the type and severity of hearing problems. They recognize problems that can be treated by a physician and those that can be improved with a hearing aid.

 Great River Audiology’s doctor of audiology works with children and adults to provide:

  • Comprehensive hearing evaluations – Including visits to care centers and private homes
  • Assistive-listening devices – Amplified telephones and answering machines, ring signalers, alarm clocks and television-listening systems
  • Balance testing – Helps physicians determine the cause of dizziness and balance problems
  • Education on communication skills – Improving communication skills and learnng how to live with hearing loss
  • Hearing-conservation programs – Hearing-protection devices and workplace noise surveys
  • Newborn hearing tests
  • Treatment for ringing in the ears – Tinnitus may be a symptom of a condition that causes hearing loss, or it can exist without hearing loss. Although ringing in the ears can’t be cured, people can become desensitized.

Our doctor of audiology is licensed by the State of Iowa, and they hold Certificates of Clinical Competency in Audiology from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association. Results of tests conducted by certified audiologists are accepted by physicians and third-party payers.

If you need a hearing aid
Hearing-aid technology is changing rapidly. Today’s hearing aids:
  • Are easier to use
  • Are less noticeable
  • Are self-adjusting in changing environments
  • Feel more comfortable in your ear
  • Greatly reduce nonessential noises
  • Provide better understanding of speech from whispers to shouts
  • Provide comfortable listening without annoying feedback or whistling
Benefits of purchasing hearing aids from Great River Audiology include:
  • Selection – Many brands for greater variety of choices and prices; 30-day trial period
  • Payment – Prompt-pay discount on hearing aids and no-interest payment plans
  • Repairs – Minor repairs while you wait; service on hearing aids that weren’t purchased from Great River Audiology