The right care in the right place

Home health is often the right choice for people who:
•   Are disabled or too ill to care for themselves
•   Are recovering from illness or surgery
•   Need continuing medical care for a diagnosed condition
Great River Home Health provides highly personalized care that allows patients to recover in the comfort and security of their homes, surrounded by family and friends.

Is Great River Home Health right for me or my loved one?

Home care can be a comforting and cost-effective option to recovering in a long-term-care center. Whether you are at home or in the hospital, our staff will work with you and your health care provider to decide if home care is an alternative.

 Whether you are a patient at Great River Medical Center or another hospital or care center, Great River Home Health will help create a smooth transition to your home. We will work with your treatment team to assess your needs and outline your home care plan. Your health care provider will complete the plan with instructions for your care. We will report your progress regularly to your health care provider, who will update your care plan as necessary.

Why choose Great River Home Health?

•   A hospital-based program provides a seamless continuation of care from hospital to home to outpatient services.
•   All employees must pass a comprehensive background check so you may feel comfortable allowing them into your home.
•   All staff are required to complete ongoing education, and they are evaluated for competency annually.
•   If a home health patient needs hospice care in the future, we provide a seamless transition of care and the comfort of familiar faces.
•   Our program is certified by Medicare and accredited by The Joint Commission.
•   Patient-satisfaction surveys are conducted throughout the course of care so problems are resolved promptly.
•   Preadmission evaluations to determine patient needs are available at no cost.
•   Registered nurses are available by telephone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
•   We use advanced patient-care technology such as in-home access to medical records through laptop computers.

Our commitment to you

We promise that you will receive timely information about your diagnosis, prognosis and medicines prescribed in consultation with your health care provider. You also will:
  • Be assured that all information about you and your care will be kept confidential
  • Be treated with respect and consideration
  • Know the name and profession of everyone providing care
  • Participate in decisions involving your care
  • Receive individualized care by professionals with appropriate qualifications
  • Receive prompt and courteous attention

What services does Home Health offer, and who provides them?

Registered nurses – Registered nurses provide skilled care, teaching and treatment under health care providers’ plans of care. They keep providers informed of patients’ conditions and consult with them about changes in treatment. They teach patients self-care and show family members home care skills. Nurses also coordinate other home care services. Some of our nurses have special training in pain management and wound care.

Home health aides – Aides are trained to care for you under the guidance of your registered nurse. They will help you with your daily routine, which may include:
•   Bathing and grooming
•   Doing prescribed exercises for your rehabilitation
•   Light housekeeping
•   Taking your medicines properly

Medical social workers – Medical social workers can help you and family members with personal, family, work-related and financial problems that may occur because of your illness or disability. They may be beneficial in helping you adjust to living in a new environment, such as a relative’s home or nursing home. They also can help you obtain services from community resources.

Physical therapists – Under health care providers’ orders, physical therapists work with patients to relieve joint and muscle pain, and help them gain strength and coordination through exercises and other treatments.

Speech/language pathologists – Speech/language pathologists help patients regain language and communication skills, and oral and facial functions such as swallowing.

Occupational therapists – Occupational therapists help patients improve skills for normal daily routines, such as bathing, dressing, homemaking and handwriting. They can be very helpful to patients who have arthritis or are recovering from a stroke.

What other services are available?

Intravenous therapies – For patients who need antibiotics, medicine for pain control, antibiotics, fluids for dehydration or IV nutritional support
Laboratory procedures – Registered nurses draw specimens for laboratory tests. This usually occurs during a regular nursing visit. Tests must be ordered by a health care provider.

Medical supplies and equipment – Great River Home Health can help you get the home health
supplies you need.

What about payment?

Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance carriers reimburse home care services. Great River Home Health will help you understand your benefits and file claims for you.
Some insurance policies don’t cover all home health services unless specific requirements are met. Medicare requirements include:
•   A health care provider must determine that skilled nursing care, physical therapy or speech therapy is medically necessary.
•   The patient must be homebound during the course of treatment.
For Medicaid and some state-waiver programs, patients are not required to be homebound if they need maintenance care for a chronic illness.
Private insurance policy requirements may differ. If your insurance company does not cover the services you need, you may pay for home health services directly.

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