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Great River Hospice House is a six-suite, one-story house. It is a peaceful shelter that allows people to spend their final time together in a meaningful way. It is a place where comfort, care and compassion make it a home.

At end of life, most people want to be in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. But staying at home is not always possible. Patients who have complex symptoms or require intense pain management, or those who do not have a 24-hour caregiver may choose the homelike environment of Great River Hospice House. Even in the most close-knit families dedicated to providing loving care, there are times as the end of life approaches when patients need a comfortable alternative to home, and families need support. At Great River Hospice House, professional caregivers are always available, visitors of all ages are welcome around the clock, and families have room to make themselves at home.

Who can stay at Great River Hospice House?

To be eligible for care at Great River Hospice House, one must:

• Have six months or less to live as determined by a physician

• Be a Great River Hospice patient. Patients in other hospice programs may transfer their care to Great River Hospice.

• Need one of these types of care:

         Acute – Intense monitoring and treatment for pain and other symptoms. Before Great River Hospice House existed, these services were provided in a hospital.

         Respite – A short stay (up to five days) that gives at-home caregivers time to rest

         Residential – Patients choose to live at the hospice house when staying at home is not an option.

What kind of care is provided at Great River Hospice House?

People staying at Great River Hospice House will have unparalleled access to the combination of high-quality medical, emotional and spiritual care Great River Hospice provides. Physicians, nurses, certified nursing assistants, dietitians, social workers, grief counselors, massage therapists and chaplains are available. Patients’ personal physicians also may provide care in the hospice house. Prescription medicines related to patients’ terminal illnesses, special equipment and therapies are arranged by hospice house caregivers. Patients choose food from an extensive menu and determine when meals will be served. Staff members wash patients’ laundry.

Will the hospice house really feel like home?

Beautifully landscaped gardens and a serene lakeside setting help patients, families and visitors feel comfortable even before opening the door. Inside, a cascading waterfall brings elements of the outdoors inside. Open spaces with natural woodwork, skylights, mission-style furnishings and specially chosen artwork create a soothing atmosphere.

Each patient and family suite has many comforts of home, including a fireplace, television, DVD player and private patio where patients and families can enjoy fresh air. Most rooms have a lake view.

What is available at Great River Hospice House?

Great River Hospice House has private spaces when reflection and solitude are needed, and public spaces when companionship and support is desired. For comfort and convenience, the hospice house has:

• A private bathroom and family room with sleeper sofa inside each spacious patient and family suite

• A large great room with a fireplace, television and children’s play area

• A fully equipped kitchen in which cookies are baked daily, and families are encouraged to make and enjoy their favorite meals together

• A nondenominational chapel, called the Serenity Room, with materials to help patients and families on their journey

• A game room to help youth – and adults – unwind

• A family bathroom and laundry room

• An outdoor patio and grill

• Wireless Internet access throughout the house

For more information on Great River Hospice House, please call 319-768-3350.