Welcome to the Klein Center

Located on the Great River Health Systems campus, nestled between the hospital and Great River Hospice House along the lake, the Klein Center provides a warm, caring environment for those who cannot care for themselves at home. Our elders enjoy the comforts of home and make their own decisions. They plan their days’ activities but also live spontaneously, enjoying relationships that bring purpose and meaning to their lives.



The 127,000 square-foot Klein Center is a community within a community. Ten households surround Town Center, an indoor mall of services at the building’s main entrance. It includes a beauty shop, business office, chapel, coffee shop, gift shop, gathering hall, library and restorative gym. A rehabilitation gym with full-time physical and occupational therapy services is on the second floor. 



Hours: Open visiting hours; no restrictions
Address: 1307 S. Gear Ave., West Burlington, IA 52655
Telephone: 319-768-4600