December 1st, 2000

Mediapolis Community Ambulance is the recipient of the second disbursement from Great River Health Systems' community-endowment program. Funds from the program were donated to the ambulance service to purchase a new defibrillator Ð a device used to stabilize the heartbeat of a person who is experiencing a heart attack.

The community-endowment program was established by Great River Health Systems to provide financial backing for health-related efforts designed to serve area communities. Two years ago, the health system designated $1 million of investments as principle of the program. Earnings on these investments are accruing interest, and the interest on the funds is available to support community programs.

An advisory board of community members oversees disbursements from the program. Financial assistance is available to organizations in the hospitalÕs service area, which includes southeast Iowa, west-central Illinois and northeast Missouri. Community and financial needs are the primary determining factors for disbursements from the program.

Organizations interested in applying for financial assistance through Great River Health Systems' community-endowment program should call Great River Medical Center's administrative offices at (319) 768-3250.