August 16th, 2005

Great River Center for Rehabilitation’s aquatic program has been named Top Rehabilitation Center Aquatic Program in the country United States by the United States Water Fitness Association. Last year, the program ranked second in the nation. It also is the top program in the state.

The key factors in judging included:
• Administration of the program
• Aquatic staff members’ qualifications and national certifications
• Emphasis on health and safety at the facility
• Leadership development
• Program components
The Center for Rehabilitation’s two pools opened in 1999. Each has a different water temperature to provide the benefits of water exercise to a variety of people. The larger, warm-water pool is 92 degrees, which helps relieve muscle and joint pain. The other pool is 82 degrees. The cooler water temperature is beneficial for people who have high blood pressure or multiple sclerosis or prefer exercise, or who prefer to exercise in cool water.

Besides being used for therapy, the pool is open to the public. Aquatic classes include:
• Aquarobics—High-intensity aerobic exercise to get your cardiovascular system pumping, burn fat, increase endurance and have fun.
• Arthritis exercise—Class follows Arthritis Foundation guidelines and is taught by certified instructors to help participants maintain normal joint movement, relieve stiffness, and strengthen and restore flexibility.
• CVA rehabilitation—A class for those affected by stroke or head injury. Exercises include balance, range of motion and coordination.
• Deep-water jogging—Water’s resistance and buoyancy gives a challenging workout to enhance cardiovascular condition and lower-body tone.
• Open swim
• Total body toning—Low-intensity aerobics to strengthen and tone the entire body
• Water tai chi—Relaxation that includes slow, steady tai chi movements while focusing on breath control and balance

For more information about Great River Center for Rehabilitation’s aquatic program or to enroll in a class, please call (319) 768-4100.