April 14th, 2005

Heritage Medical Equipment and Supplies is now providing a convenient portable liquid oxygen system for patients requiring supplemental oxygen. The medical equipment and supplies provider is the first in the Burlington area to offer a liquid oxygen system for patients.

The portable oxygen units are best for active oxygen therapy users who can use a conserving device with a prescription of 4 liters per minute or less. The lightweight unit will provide oxygen for eight to 10 hours.

Unlike traditional oxygen units, the portable unit delivers oxygen only when a person breathes in and stops when he or she breathes out. This results in less waste and makes oxygen last longer between refills. And because the unit uses liquid oxygen, which creates the pressure needed to operate the system, no electricity is required.

A physician’s prescription is required for the liquid oxygen system. Patients already on oxygen may ask their physician to authorize a prescription change. Most insurance providers cover liquid oxygen systems and most will allow a switch to a different type of equipment without affecting coverage.

Heritage Medical Equipment and Supplies provides high-quality equipment and services to patients in the tri-state area. The provider is part of Great River Health Systems, and features two convenient locations: on South Roosevelt Avenue in Burlington, and in the Mercy Plaza next to Great River Medical Center in West Burlington. For more information about liquid oxygen systems, please call Heritage Medical Equipment and Supplies at (319) 768-4300.