July 5th, 2007

A four-stage project to replace and expand the parking lots on the northeast side of Great River Medical Center’s West Burlington campus is scheduled to begin Monday, July 16. The lots also will be reconfigured to allow for better traffic flow through that side of the campus. When completed, the new lots will add 134 regular parking spaces and 38 handicapped spaces; 516 parking spaces will be available in this area.

The parking lots on the northwest side of the campus were originally constructed in the early 1990s, when Burlington Area Family Practice Center, the Center for Rehabilitation and the Cancer Care Center were the only facilities on the campus.

“With the addition of so many other services and facilities to the campus in recent years, there’s a need to not only create more parking spaces but also reconfigure the lots so they’re more accessible,” said John Mercer, Director of Facilities. “I think visitors to our campus will find the new layout easier to negotiate.”

The first phase of construction will involve the lots along South Gear Avenue, between Burlington Area Family Practice Center and Southeastern Renal Dialysis, and along West Agency Road, between the entrances to the Center for Rehabilitation Center/Burlington Area Family Practice Center and the Emergency Department. The South Gear Avenue entrance to Burlington Area Family Practice Center and Southeastern Renal Dialysis will be closed during this phase. Alternate entrances will be posted.

Phases 2 and 3 will replace and reconfigure the parking lots between the Center for Rehabilitation/Cancer Care Center and Burlington Area Family Practice Center. Each of the first three phases is expected to take about five weeks to complete, with an expected finish date of Friday, Nov. 2.

The fourth phase of the project will replace the parking lot to the northwest of the Center for Rehabilitation. This phase will begin after plans for the Center for Rehabilitation expansion are completed next spring.

The parking lots off South Gear Avenue for Great River Medical Center and the Eastman and Mercy plazas will not be affected during construction.

Klingner and Associates, Quincy, Ill., is the project’s engineer/architect and the primary contractor is Shipley Construction Company, Burlington. The cost of the project is $2 million.