May 19th, 2009

Fifteen Great River Health Systems employees and three physicians were recognized in six categories Thursday, May 14, for exemplary practice that exceeded expectations in helping patients, patients' family members, the community, co-workers or their professions. One person in each category received an Excellence in Practice award. The winners were:

  • Clinical Excellence (for providing outstanding patient care daily) - Dan Miller-Jacobs, D.P.T., Rehabilitation Services
  • Community Excellence (for voluntary contributions of time to the community) - Janelle McGuire, RN, Home Health Care and Hospice
  • Leadership Excellence (for making a difference as a true leader) - Sue Ferguson, RN, B.S.N., Corporate Education
  • Nursing Excellence (for providing outstanding direct patient care daily) - Susan Brown, RN, B.S.N., Corporate Education
  • Physician Excellence (for providing outstanding patient care and showing leadership, citizenship, and respect to the medical staff and employees) - David Carlson, M.D., Burlington Area Family Practice Center
  • Service Excellence (for a non-clinical employee who is integral to a health-system service) - Judy Hawk, M.L.S., Corporate Education

Winners in the clinical-, community-, leadership-, nursing- and service-excellence categories received $1,000; each of the 10 runners-up in these categories received $200. All three Physician Excellence finalists received $50 gift certificates, and the winner received a continuing medical education grant.