May 8th, 2009

Heritage Medical Equipment and Supplies has received the Exemplary ProviderTM Certificate of Accreditation from The Compliance Team, the durable medical equipment industry's first measured continuous quality improvement accreditation program. The program is approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

To achieve accreditation, providers must demonstrate patient-care improvement plans, and fraud and abuse awareness safeguards. They also must receive a survey score of at least 90 percent. Heritage Medical Equipment and Supplies achieved a perfect score.

"This a great accomplishment," said Lelia Wilkerson, manager, Heritage Medical Equipment and Supplies, which is a part of Great River Health Systems. "I knew we would pass the inspection, but I was elated to receive a score of 100 percent. Everyone associated with our service can be justifiably proud of their performance in helping us prepare for this honor."

Sandra Canally, RN, founder and president of The Compliance Team, said, "Lelia Wilkerson and all of her staff have done a terrific job. They are a tremendous example of a safe, honest and caring home medical equipment provider that is most deserving of this recognition."

Heritage Medical Equipment and Supplies provides durable medical equipment including breast pumps, hospital beds, oxygen equipment, manual and power mobility chairs and sleep therapy devices, and diabetic, incontinence, orthopedic, ostomy and wound care supplies. Stores are located at 700 S. Roosevelt, Burlington, and 1225 S. Gear Ave., Mercy Plaza, West Burlington. The telephone number is (319) 768-4300.