April 3rd, 2009

Chuck Leaming is Great River Klein Center's EXCEL Employee of the Year for service during 2008. Leaming, of Burlington, has worked at the Klein Center since February 2006. He drives the center's shuttle bus.

Criteria for the employee of the year awards are based on the Great River Health Systems' philosophy of care. EXCEL stands for:

  • Enthusiastically friendly
  • X-ceeding expectations
  • Caring and compassion
  • Energetic teamwork
  • Leadership and professionalism

"Chuck is dependable and never tells us, ‘tomorrow.'  He is all about today and the elders, and he goes over and above simply taking elders to appointments," read Leaming's nomination, which was signed by many Klein Center employees. "One night, he took an elder to her son's home for a visit and then brought her back after a couple of hours. He takes another elder to meet his wife every Tuesday. He stayed in the Emergency Department one night with an elder who was going to be alone until family members arrived. 

"On his own time, Chuck tends the garden he created in the Klein Center's backyard. He is dedicated to making this a better place for everyone."