September 28th, 2010

Great River Medical Center’s High Performance Program provides two programs designed to help athletes return to play after an injury and avoid an increasingly common knee injury.

Return-to-Play Program

A goal of sports medicine is to try to get an athlete back into action as soon as possible. Returning to a sport before adequate healing or recovery can put athletes at risk for re-injury and possibly a longer downtime.

“Return to play” is the point in recovery from an injury when an athlete can go back to their sport or activity at a level close to their previous point. With the right approach for sports injuries, from early diagnosis and treatment to full functional rehabilitation, athletes can often safely accelerate their return to play.

The Return-to-Play Program uses post-rehabilitation training to help provide athletes with the functional strength needed for their sports and educate athletes on the proper body mechanics to reduce the chances of future injuries.

ACL Injury Prevention Program

Female athletes have up to an eight-time greater risk than male athletes for suffering an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury, and the number of ACL injuries is increasing. ACL injuries often take a year to recover and can be career ending.

The ACL Injury Prevention Program includes:

  • Development and training protocols addressing flexibility, plyometric strengthening, core stabilization, and balance and coordination
  • Discussion of susceptibility to injury
  • Optional on-field screenings and individual ACL injury-prevention sessions
  • Seminars for coaches, parents and athletes to learn basic exercises, common errors and causes of injury, and proper technique
  • Strategies for prevention

For more information about the Return-to-Play and ACL Injury Prevention programs, please call (319) 768-4100.