March 30th, 2011

Talethia Mitchell is Great River Health Systems’ EXCEL Employee of the Year for service during 2010. She began working as a certified nurse assistant at Great River Klein Center in 1985. She transferred to Great River Medical Center’s Acute Care Center in 2005. A role model, Mitchell also helps orient new staff in her department.

Criteria for the employee of the year award are based on the health systems’ philosophy of care. EXCEL stands for:

  • Enthusiastically friendly
  • X-ceeding expectations
  • Caring and compassion
  • Energetic teamwork
  • Leadership and professionalism

“Mitch’s name comes up frequently during patient rounds and in patient surveys,” said President and CEO Mark Richardson. “The comments we have received include: ‘She is outgoing, fun to be around and makes you feel better about being here’ … ‘Mitch knows how to make you laugh, and nothing is too much to ask of her’ … ‘She is upbeat pleasant with a spirit of helpfulness’ … ‘Mitch is good medicine all by herself.’”

Mitchell lives in Burlington.