Metabolic syndrome topic of Jan. 25 Great River Health System program

January 12th, 2018

First in new monthly Healthy U series for women and men
Great River Health System’s new educational series for women and men begins at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 25, with a presentation by Michael AbouAssaly, MD, medical director of the health system’s Healthy Living Clinic. “Dr. Mike” will discuss metabolic syndrome, a group of common conditions that can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

Light snacks will be available. The registration deadline is Monday, Jan. 22. Register HERE.

Monthly Healthy U topics
  • February – Heart health
  • March – Medications
  • April – Stress management and relief
  • May – Better sleep
  • June – Headaches
  • July – Irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive conditions
  • August – Thyroid awareness
  • September – Diabetes
  • October – Mental health and depression 

Program registration will open the first day of each month.