During your visit

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at the Wound and Hyperbaric Clinic.

Our caring staff will greet you and make every effort to make your stay a comfortable one.   The physician prepares for a debridement procedure.
The physician reviews the laser doppler results with a therapist.   The staff carefully reviews collected test data.

The physician discusses an upcoming procedure using the Misonix SonicOne.

  The physician answers the patient's questions about hyperbaric oxygen treatment.
A therapist prepares a patient for hyperbaric oxygen treatment.   Staff reviews vitals with a patient.
Staff reviews checklist with a patient before hyperbaric oxygen treatment.   The staff continually monitors the chamber pressure.
The technicians communicate with patients while they are in the chamber.   Large chambers provide open views that help minimize patient anxiety.
The physician discusses hyperbaric protocols with a therapist.   The staff evaluates the patient after hyperbaric oxygen treatment.