Corporate Circle of Compassion, $1,000 to $4,999

Carl A. Nelson & Co.
Two Rivers Bank & Trust

Corporate Circle of Comfort, $500 to $999

Schrock Lumber Co. / Carolyn Breder

Corporate Community of Friends, Up to $249

Burlington Trailways
Casebine Community Credit Union


Circle of Healing, $1,000 to $5,000

Dr. Craig Huston

Circle of Hope, $500 to $999

Dr. Hannah Heckart
Chris and Michelle McGraw
Dr. Peter and Camille Reynen

Circle of Compassion, $250 to $499

Keith and Ruth Ann Boyer Christa Hinojosa Dr. Doug Peters
Susan Brown Lori Lafayette Dr. John and Linda Phillips
Jim L. Carter Donna and Jan Logan Todd and Kaye Sladky
Darwin Cooley Bruce and Sandy Morrison Loren C. Stein
Lisa Griswold Amy O'Brien Amy Vandiver
Tony and Tammy Hayes Hannah O'Brien Donna Wirt


Circle of Comfort, $100 to $249

Ken Aspelmeier Dr. Louis and Amanda Kantzavelos James and Sheila Sleister
William Bloomberg Julie Kirk Lora Stauffer
Dr. Mark and Joy Cleveland Bob and Naomi Lindell Cynthia Stevens
Michele Dyer John and Rosie Lohmann Tom and Connee Stevens
K.C. Fleming John Mercer Jeffrey Taeger
James and Kolene Fleming Michelle McDowell Joyce Vance
Randy Gearhart Christine Oleson Dr. Sean White
Mary Ann Grinde Ellen R. Peterson Cathy Wilkens
Jack and Mary Hayes Rebecca Powell Lelia Wilkerson
Kayelynn Jacobs Jeff and Cathy Rucker Elizabeth Yore


Circle of Caring, up to $99

Jane Adams Greg Fields Mary Frances Murray
Gina Anderson Tiffany Foster Lisa Nafziger
Michelle R. Arnold Barb Garcia Laurine Paule
Shana Augsburger Kristy Haas Patricia Penrod
Janet Behrman Elizabeth Hall Charyl Robben
Maria Brockway Charles and Diane Heinrich Janet Jacobs
Patricia Brown Danielle Hewett Brandi Schmitz
Helen Burger Michael and Ann Hunter Barbara Shivapour
Amy Burkhart Linda Jones Matthew Shivers
Richard and Peggy Burlingame Melissa Jones Lyn Stinson
Joann Caldwell Donald and Vivian Kellar Peggy A. Stott
Lois Close Beth Keltner Marissa Tully
Joyce Corder Barbara Kirchgasser Keith Turrill
Brenda Coursey Al and Sue Kristensen Elaine Vass
Monika Coursey Peggy Link Joyce Wegmann
Patricia M. Dunn Teresa Morehead Maryann Werner
Carol Dupuis Elizabeth A. Morris Pat and Dale Williams